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Active Bass assisted Jugalbandi of Wideband and Horns (

About Rethm Rethm, is a world class manufacturer of acoustically acclaimed premium grade high end loudspeakers for global markets. Rethm loudspeakers perfectly blend art and engineering. Rethm has invested more than 15 years in innovation and research to ensure rich reproduction of fatigue free sound, with stunning clarity and global appeal for concert quality realism and holographic sound stage while listening to two channel music or movie in the living room. Rethm, the only Indian company admired in high end audio/loudspeaker ecosystem, for their plucky engineering to challenge the status quo and path breaking artistic workmanship, in the competitive field of high quality dynamic sound reproduction in loudspeaker, with fast growing customer base in USA, Europe, Germany, Australia, Asia Pacific and India. .

Diverse Range

Rethm range of horn loaded, widebander with integral active Bass loudspeakers, surpass any other loudspeaker technology. Rethm loudspeakers have Dynamics. The sound is spellbinding. Amazingly, in the audio world with all of its tests like frequency response, acoustic and electrical phase, waterfall plots of time domain response and so forth, there exists no test for dynamics. So only way to decide is by listening to it. Book your listening session with Ragarika and experience your moment of truth. Regular loudspeakers, such as a cone in a box, or even worse, electrostatic or planar speakers, are incredibly inefficient. To reach a realistic sound level of 96dB at one meter, the conventional speaker needs 50 watts of power. Rethm speaker needs less than one watt. When hundreds of watts of power is pumped into the incredibly thin wire which is the voice coil at the end of the speaker cone, it gets very hot. This heat causes “thermal compression' which creates distortion as sound gets louder. This compression is never an issue for Rethm speakers used in the home. People with normal speakers often go to great lengths and expense to acoustically treat their rooms with absorption to combat all these reflections. With Rethm speakers, problems with room acoustics are dramatically reduced. Distortion is radically reduced. Conventional and expensive loudspeakers use multiple drivers which increases psychoacoustic processing by our ear/brain along with filter-induced phase shift, timing errors or dispersion discontinuities, causing fatigue and dry headache while listening to immersive music. Rethm wideband speakers uses just one driver for the entire audible bandwidth with no cross overs, completely eliminates fatigue resulting in pristine sound listening for music and movies.. .

Electronics –

Ragarika has a very different approach to integrating electronics (including DAC, special solid state and tube amplifiers, media server, cables) with our exceptional loudspeakers of extremely high efficiency. This means only a few watts are needed to create the same level of sound that could take a hundred watts with a conventional loudspeaker. First few watts are crucial for sonic purity, because our speakers magnify the first few watts the amplifier produces. So we choose best and value for money electronics including specialized solid state and SET tube amplifiers for seamless compatibility and coherency of electronics with speakers for the Ragarika Ultra Hi Fi experience. Ragarika is the only Ultra Hi Fi experience provider in the world with range of high efficiency speakers and a line of matching electronics- perfectly matched from signal to speaker .

Concert quality realism
In your living room.