The Ultra Hi-Fi Experience music system:

Concert like realism & holographic sound stage for music & movies in the living room.

There was a time, in the early part of the Twentieth Century, when the creation of horn loaded loudspeakers, field coil and full range speakers, tube amplifiers, and analog reproduction represented the highest technical challenge and achievement. As time went on, every new innovation in sound, from solid state to digital to file sharing, turned out to bring the overall quality of sound in our lives to a lower level. People not only forgot what great sound reproduction sounded like, but at this point, most have never even heard it. We assume that technology is a progressive force, continuously improving and making our lives better. Looking at the history of sound reproduction belies this belief. Yet there are glimmers of a counter movement. The sales of vinyl records are growing enormously every year. Home theatre users are feeling frustration at the bombardment of poor quality sound from 5/7/11 and more speakers. Heralding the “rebirth of sound” & revival of high resolution two audio for music and movies , has led to an avant garde of enthusiasts & music lovers who appreciate Ragarika, the integrated ultra Hi Fi experience, integrated with Horns, Widebander loudspeaker and Triode tube electronics. The Ultra Hi Fi experience is breaking the price barrier of high end audio. and elevating music so that music listening in your living room can once again be an event, a source of deep pleasure and reward for the soul.


Concert quality realism
In your living room.